The Diez-Limburg ice hockey community has achieved what many clubs can only dream of, ascending quickly from the lowest league to the Oberliga Nord in only a few seasons. Already a respected opponent in Germany’s third-highest division, it is the emotion that binds the club and the region. But as the leagues grow so do the challenges, and on-ice performance is only part of the game. The Rockets’ power play goes into overtime when it comes to communicating with fans and sponsors.

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Long live sport! 

Higher, faster, louder. Ensuring the sport really comes alive for fans and sponsors alike requires a lot of work, especially when the ascent demands new dimensions in terms of external appearance. Yet, sports clubs have great potential to become “love brands.” As in ice hockey, success lies in teamwork: the perfect blend of communication channels both online and offline, from jerseys to websites, from ticket sales to social media. The goal is not just a show but also an experience: long live sport!


New league, new goals, new opponents. New standards. A new appearance and a new visual presence. Strong, emotional images play their part to bring the stars and the action closer to the fans. Featuring modern imagery, and a sporty, powerful and dynamic web design, the website is maintained via a specially adapted Craft CMS system, enabling easy implementation of any content strategy. Whether on the ice or on the web, the Rockets can compete with the best in the league.


Recognition to go:

For fans, a well-designed ticket is a devotional, a souvenir of a great Saturday. Posters adorn party rooms, clubhouses, public viewing spaces, and children’s bedrooms. Fans point to their posters, flyers, and tickets with broad chests. But these products are not simply memorabilia, they are specially developed tools for sponsorship acquisition that use the unmistakable brand of the Rockets to show the reach and relevance of the club in various forms.