The future of renewable energies, E4P is a young and innovative company with ambitions to set new standards in the field of solar power, benefitting both private customers and investors alike. Successful communication means expressing the claim and conveying the numerous benefits of the brand, its products, and its services. Digitally optimized communication channels are already implementing best practices in many areas. Stringently solution-oriented and efficiently positioned, customers can save time and money.

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Many different avenues lead customers to E4P making coordination of design and content paramount. While the customer-specific platforms are varied (trade fair presence, giveaways, brochures, flyers, roll-ups…) uniformity in interaction remains. E4P’s brand, intelligent, ambitious, customer-oriented, is clearly and dynamically expressed through various media but the easily recognizable customer approach endures.


“Make it simple.”

The underlying principle for all aspects of the website is ease of use. This includes a specially adapted Craft CMS which aids in easy web maintenance and content management, an easy-to-use customer interface for exchanging information and documents with clients, a specially developed form for customer inquiries that solicits all relevant information allowing initiation of new projects to be lean and fast, as well as a connected shop system for E4P products.


Don’t just look. Touch.

Print is as perennial as the sun. Sometimes it just has to be haptic, tangible. Different formats in which the dynamic design could be easily adapted were selected for E4P.  High processing and printing quality furthers the emotional effects of the images and allows the sun to come across brilliantly. Whether a brochure, flyer, or product catalog, customers will feel the joy of leafing through the pages.

Trade Fairs

Personal customer relationships don’t just fall out of the sky like solar energy. Because customers value personal contact, E4P maintains a presence at regional construction and trade fairs. The E4P information booth is staffed by competent contact persons on hand to answer questions about switching to renewable energy. A wide range of illustrative material, both digitally expressed and as reading material potential customers can take home communicate how easy and sensible the change is today.

Promotional Items

Generosity through small gifts can further the reputation of a firm. To give customers a “taste” of E4P, an inspiring energy drink and dextrose, “the smallest energy source” are provided. Partners and installation companies are happy to receive high-quality work tools such as folding rulers and construction pencils. Not toys, but things for doers - a small thank you from E4P.

Social Media

Shining like the sun on all channels: E4P’s primary use of social media campaigns is to bring specific offers directly to target groups. Investors can find opportunities for profitable solar energy projects on XING or LinkedIn. End consumers learn how they could profit from roof systems or small solar parks through Facebook and Pinterest.