Azemos, a bank and product-independent asset manager based in Offenburg (Baden-Württemberg), offers tailor-made advice and a clear focus on investments in real assets. As a securities institute, they score points by providing the highest standards of security, professionalism, and reliability, and are subject to supervision by the Bundesbank and the banking supervisory authority (BaFin).

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Azemos is characterized by clear traits: trust, reliability, and independence paired with expertise and years of success in the industry. These qualities need to be conveyed to the outside world. 

Azemos’ individual, personalized contact with the customer and individually tailored investment strategies need to be emphasized. The individual strengths of the employees behind Azemos should also be revealed to the customer. 


In addition to other classic print products, Azemos offers its customers a specialty magazine. ANSICHTEN is published 4 times per year and is distributed in both digital and print mediums. The articles provide a special focus on asset management, the current economic situation, stock presentations, and book recommendations, laid out in a magazine that places great value on design diversity and reading flow.


Potential leads often make first contact with the website. Informative, manageable, and yet somehow profound was the aim. A place where customers and potential clients can be informed about current market developments as well as the range of products offered by Azemos. Modern, serious, and competent, these qualities should be immediately recognizable with every click.