Active Spa GmbH is a premium supplier of high-quality wellness products. Designed to meet the highest demands of private customers, their products are specially manufactured in Europe. Communicating the extraordinary user experience to the customer is the art of communication for Active Spa.

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Active Spa means quality that you can feel and luxury, consciously chosen. Those who choose premium products value details such as quality, service, and aesthetic design. Particularly in this product segment, communication requires continuity, professionalism, and emotional connection. The challenge at Active Spa lies in reflecting the exceptional value of the product in every communications medium: on the website, in correspondence, and in the offer.

Quality has a price, but even more so quality has value. This is reflected in all facets: in communication, in design, and in messaging. 

At Active Spa quality begins with the striking logo. In variable, high-quality depictions, the dynamic elements are always unmistakable. The selected color spectrum spans the natural and the technical, merging the two worlds into one superior unit.


Putting emotion on paper:

Developed using elements from the logo and the color palette, Active Spa now has a wide range of communication and correspondence materials at its disposal. Customer-specific offers now combine the selected products with high-quality design elements inside a glossy brochure. Significant gains in the sales process have been realized by not only providing information to the customer, but by providing it in an aesthetically pleasing depiction of the coveted goods.


Aesthetics and information:

Large-scale images and video headers bring viewers inside the home, where products from Active Spa are the star. Facts about whirlpools and swim-spas are coupled with an information architecture that allows emotional validation to be a central theme. Of course the website is easy to maintain and fully optimized for mobile devices.