Forgoing employer branding is like toasting with a candidate and not knowing why.

The labor market has changed significantly. While it used to be the applicants who applied to companies, today it is often the other war around. Recent graduates and sought-after professionals actively choose where they want to work. In the application process today, it is the companies that compete with prospects for the favor of a professional future. The “WAR FOR TALENTS” has become a crucial competitive market and the forecasts for the future aren’t promising. Everywhere you hear about the shortage of skilled workers. The child care industry alone has a shortage of more than 300,000 workers. The Nursing industry is short hundreds of thousands and most foremen would hire 2-3 craftsmen immediately. By 2030, there will be a shortage of around 5 million skilled workers and in many professions the retirements of “expert tradesmen” is outpacing new trainees.

How well are you positioned for this future? Do you always find the right employees or do you already pay headhunters to fill “normal” jobs? Or have you ever been forced to reject orders because you didn’t have the staff to fulfil them?   

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Become the better employer of tomorrow!

Becoming better? Above all, this doesn’t just mean that you have to position yourself better in terms of advertising or simply get a makeover. Better means creating a more convincing, more attractive and more suitable version of yourself. What values does your company stand for? What properties distinguish it? And how does the company express this throughout? Do you manage to address applicants emotionally as well as objectively? Do you not only establish a contact but also form a relationship?

No employer is just looking for employees. We are looking for people who identify with our company, people who convey the company’s values to the customer and who bring the company forward with their way of working and innovation. We want new team members who quickly integrate into the company’s social fabric and who are an enrichment for your company both professionally and personally.

Develop, define and live the employer brand

Are you tired of just hiring the “rest?” Are you tired of paying exorbitant sums to headhunters for every candidate?  Do you live everyday with the fear that another good employee will be poached?  

Then change the game! 

We’ll help you to develop a brand that is as emotional as it is distinct. As brand specialists we’ll do the technical groundwork to define your employer brand and to shape your employer communication. What characterizes your company will also be appropriate for the media and applicants.

Our full-service approach means that entrepreneurs, if desired, will be well advised throughout the processes of brand development and brand design:  we’ll be with you every step of the way from conception to the implementation of your employer brand.

Become an employer brand

Is your company too good to go broke just because of a lack of skilled workers? There’s a reason you’re facing these challenges now. But together we will develop and implement the right solution for your company.

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Realistic Expectations

This is not about “temporarily filling open positions.” We are working on the medium and long-term goal of permanently employing enough skilled workers. You can find a sample process here.

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We'll support you on your way to successful employer branding

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to become a brand as an employer, or whether you are already looking for fine-tuning at a high level, dialogue with us will enrich your opportunities and perspectives. Take the opportunity to get to know us.  We're looking forward to making your acquaintance.

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