The Dream Team

Good colleagues are worth their weight in gold! A good coach assembles a good team. But don’t we all dream of creating a real Dream Team? Just like the hit Marvel movies, only with fewer explosions. Employees who are little Superheroes in their own areas. They fit together seamlessly and complement each other exceptionally.

Here is the N3W Dream Team.

René Adam

Marketer, Communications Strategies and Business Developer

Born in 1984, he has been married since 2005 and has one daughter (2009).  Rene has been in the German Agency Scene since 2007.  In 2019 he reconstituted his new Dream Team in beautiful Charlottenberg. A passionate problem solver, he is driven by a desire to help other entrepreneurs realize their full potential. Fascinated by the opportunities provided by new media, it is important to him to focus on the core of his client’s company. By taking holistic views of both the market and the client he is able to focus on the human relationships that put the customer at the center. 

Driven by the firm belief that he can bring positive change, he relentlessly studies the inner motivations of his clients.

Misi Hegedüs

Communications Designer, Brand Strategist and Overall Do-Gooder

Born in Hungary in 1968, he overcame the shackles of communism in 1987 when he fled to Germany. After his training and initial agency experience, he returned to Hungary in 1994. There he worked for over 20 years in some of the largest international agencies as Creative director and Creative strategist. He was responsible for launching many brands into the Hungarian market and finds it difficult to do his weekly shopping without “putting a former customer in the shopping cart”. Misi’s passion is communication and he uses it in all forms of art. Communicating a task more understandably or promoting an offer to the right target group is more than just a job for him. He has been walking his path with René since 2017 and has been part of the Dream Team from the very beginning.

Misi starts every day with the motivation to make the world a little bit better.

Carolin Adam

Brand Ambassador, Visionary and Freethinker

Born in 1984 and married to René, the mother of a daughter has had experience in many diverse fields over the past 15 years. As a trained office clerk in retail, she has succeeded in many different professional roles.

Be it in the German-voiceover-scene, or as a literary agent for non-fiction and specialty books or as a geological assistant for soil reports, Carolin has been able to achieve professional success outside of traditionally defined roles (even going so far as founding a mobile, waste-water-free vehicle cleaning company).

Carolin has been an integral part of the dream team since 2019. In addition to her work in the agency, she sits on the board of a regional charity and constantly strives to change our society. 

Johanna Kessel

Media Designer (Digital and Print) - In Development

What began as a job trial quickly became a passion. Johanna is talented, motivated and doesn’t mince words. In addition to possessing an almost intrinsic understanding of mobile devices and the digital world, she is attracted to the element of water. We don’t have an ocean view from the agency, but at her new workplace she has “more in sight”.

In the years to come, she will delve into the depths of the design world and study hard. Because learning often starts in the details, she’s often the voice our customers hear first on the phone.

The fact that Johanna goes for a swim in the nearby bathing lake in the morning before work is no longer a surprise here in the house. 

Steve Slaton

Elite University Graduate, Ice Hockey Pro and yet very modest

Steve Slaton is the latest addition to the N3W dream team. The German-American enriches the team as a creative strategist and specialist consultant for the sports sector. His many years of experience on both sides of sports marketing promotes new insights and solutions for our clients.

The former professional athlete completed his bachelor’s degree at Princeton University (New Jersey) before becoming an ice hockey player in the DEL / DEL2 and the US league ECHL. He has many nicknames on the ice, but our favorite is “Mr. Reliable.” In hundreds of games he successfully ensured that the opposing attack was reliably blocked.

The ice machine in our office works overtime, but his drinks are like Steve: always well chilled.

Lara Liberini

Media Designer (Digital and Print) - In Development

In spite of the pandemic, N3W has taken another step towards solving the shortage of skilled workers by bringing Lara on-board.  A trained fashion and textile tailor, she gained her first marketing experience as a blogger for international sewing machine manufacturers. Now she’ll build upon that by training in print and digital design with a focus on conception and visualization. 

In her free time, Lara enjoys jogging in the forest or gliding over rivers and lakes on her SUP.

We look forward to incorporating her insights into the fashion world as well as her knowledge of fabrics, cuts and materials into our team.