Case Study Markenbildung Vermögensverwalter

“Regionality is not just a trend, it is a statement.”


The international asset manager with locations in Germany and Switzerland would like to create an external image for its German office that showcases its Unique Selling Proposition. This image is intended to increase company awareness in the region as well as serve both customer and employee acquisition.

A high level of flexibility, in-house implementation in individual areas, and the possible expansion to the international brand image of the holding company are also in focus.


After the brandstorming workshop, we agreed that a few key subject areas are particularly suitable as a basis for creating strong recognition value. The regional anchoring, employees’ active participation in society, and a strong employee personality were valuable but previously unused assets. 

The approach: New communication guidelines were created, a strong unique selling proposition emphasized, statements and CI were developed.


We've focused on the employees through expressive and distinctive portraits supplemented with indelible messages. We created a claim with three elements that end uniformly. The regional character of the company has been reflected everywhere. Sponsorships of regional teams and events have been established. And memberships in local clubs have been secured. In addition, the new brand image, name, and layout have been reflected in the customer magazine.

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