Case Study: Branding Personal Brand

" Play your best tennis.“


Tennis is a fascinating sport. Often the only difference between victory and defeat is mental strength. Even experienced players can benefit from the unique opportunity of training mental strength with our client. For this, however, tennis players must be reached on a broad scale. 


After our workshop, we were able to determine that our best chance for a successful communication strategy actually consisted of creating two independent brands at the same time: A strong personal brand for our client as a successful athlete, author, and coach. And one for the company, where tennis players can get to know the method through training sessions and further development. 

The two brands are strongly connected but require different messages and techniques. 


We focused on communications basics, visual framing and messaging, and work processes. A website was created, image brochures and rollups were designed, online courses were launched and a road trip visiting various tennis clubs was undertaken.

During the implementation, we were able to showcase the qualifications of our client as well as the seriousness of his method through new visual graphics. With modern coaching videos, diverse media for various social media platforms, and a website optimized for search engines, visibility is being increased.

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