Case Study: Branding Dairy Industry

“I can only recommend it if I really love it.”


Grocery stores are offering an ever-widening range of products in more and more categories. The competition is non-stop, affecting every industry. Even a nationally popular, recognizable manufacturer with sustained success over decades has to compete.

Competition is especially strong for food staples that people buy and use every day such as milk.


Milk remains a controversial topic. Vegan alternatives, animal rights and sustainability are discussed again and again. But milk is a regional product that we consume every day in various forms. 

The approach: Based on market and target group analyses, a “coming out” strategy was designed. Consumers explain why they have remained loyal to milk by remembering individual experiences, family habits, or fond memories from their childhood.


During film and photo shoots, the focus was on maximizing trustworthiness: A director known for being empathetic was chosen, and only real milk lovers were selected during casting. Audio recordings were made through conversations.

Video and prints were supported by national and regional online activities, campaign landing pages, and in-store events.

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