Case Study Branding: Renewable Energy

"No energy is as readily available as solar power."


A company in the photovoltaic industry represents ideas such as the future, development, modernization, technology, research, environmental awareness, sustainability, value development, value retention, profitability, savings, self-sufficiency… It’s smart and customer-friendly. But our client’s field is broad and evolves with changes in the market and must stay on the cutting edge of technology. Accordingly, brand communication must be flexible enough to adapt to new developments while maintaining its specialist identity. 


Technology and development are important, but for an enduring corporate image, we have to convey the vision of a healthy, valuable future to our target groups.

The approach: Potential strategic development lies in the personal, hands-on use of sustainable, environmentally friendly products from E4P.


The appearance has been refreshed and communications guidelines have been supplemented with new elements. A wide range of visual materials has been designed to express the relationship between man and nature.

Communications have been given a more personal form, with statements clarified and both imaging and wording given a more human feel. Customers' views, wishes, and goals are more easily identifiable. Future possibilities can be clearly envisioned.

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