Case Study: Branding Automotive Repair

“We love cars, but Mercedes-Benz is our passion.”


Most auto shops aren’t all that different: similar colors, machines, huge gate, oily repairmen. Next to the workshop there is a parking lot full of vehicles in different states of repair.

Our customer is a maximalist, with a relentless dedication to troubleshooting. His precision is well known, as is his kindness and generosity towards customers. The problem: you only find out once you’ve become a customer of his.


In the process of brand positioning, we recreated the original target group.  After careful analysis, behavior patterns were more closely defined. Corporate and communication goals were determined. 

The approach: Two subject areas arose as the focus for communication. The car brand itself, and the connoisseur-owner. Now, armed with this information we can tailor long-term messaging and concepts to the customer base.


A regional approach was selected for communications. The website has been augmented with an extra page for older model Mercedes-Benz vehicles, allowing us to showcase the owner’s passion for classic cars.

Print and digital documents, channels, images, and text material were created. A photoshoot and building transformation is imminent.

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