Case Study: Employer Branding Insurance

“High level quality assurance from an insurance company.”


3000 Consultants, each with their own style, 100’s of other employees, department heads, office staff, accountants, management, etc. Huge central office building. So many people, so many individuals, so much interaction every day. 

How do you instill generally acceptable standards in such a large group of diverse people? And how do you create a strong, singular, external image?


In every facet of society, groups are a naturally forming phenomenon. This is also true at the company level. To improve the company’s performance, these groups must be further optimized by forming sub-groups or teams.

The solution: Strengthening and empowering individual team identities and encouraging cooperative work between them. 


We created common spaces where members of different teams could collaborate on shared projects. Projects were developed on the basis of company needs and Gamified. Teams and “uber-teams” participated in regular competition with winners crowned several times per year with awards being new team events.

Communication was carried out internally through POS elements and video screens and externally through channels such as social media, print, and public image ads. 

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