Case Study: Employer Branding Gastronomy

“A new broom sweeps clean, but an old one knows the corners.”


The shortage of skilled workers has been a significant problem for employers for years. It’s being felt in all sectors. However, industries like fast-food have long held a reputation for high turnover rates. 

Constantly recruiting new employees means constant pressure on HR departments. Unnecessary resources have to be spent on continually training and developing new employees. In addition, Generation Y and Z have different motivations than previous employees.


Employee retention works best from the inside out. An analysis of Generation Y and Z shows the distinction between work and private life is blurred. Personal goals and freedoms are paramount. In fast-food, the younger generations are looking at the overall experience, whether as a customer or an employee. 

The solution: create an attractive workplace. Provide a regulated yet inspiring environment that produces a cool workday and gives the feeling of freedom.


In the restaurant, production methods are predetermined and optimized, but everything else can be freely adjusted. This creates a “Google-Esque” environment for customers and employees alike, where young adults can work all day and still feel comfortable. The social rooms become a kind of comfortable cocoon during work breaks, of course with free Wi-Fi.

A key aspect of implementation, the flexible working environment can be reconfigured at any time with relatively few resource costs, allowing a seamless reaction to changing trends or shifting patterns.

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