Case Study: Employer Branding Pharmaceuticals

“Get and keep the best straight from university.”


Filling a gap between medicine and industry, the company develops and manufactures new processes and technologies (e.g. measuring devices) for medical purposes. Even after decades of successful work, it remains difficult to attract young talent from universities: potential future applicants can’t easily discern whether the company is searching for doctors or engineers. 


Inspiration and collaboration. A motivated, strong association of individuals can only arise through first-hand experience.  Through cooperation, success, and experience a common understanding can be formed.

The solution: A project where direct participation from interested parties was the focus. Rather than just reading or listening, potential employees could help shape the project and learn about the field (facts, conditions, general knowledge) beforehand through direct involvement.


The company opted to create a small editorial office and started a student magazine. Young professionals with enthusiasm for medicine and technology were selected as writers and bloggers. The magazine’s website offered a colorful area promoting the exchange of knowledge and providing a meeting place for discussions and workshops.

The company’s work was explained through interviews, scientific articles, laboratory visits, and workshops. Not only did the students gain insight into the company, but at the same time a strong, inspiring employer brand was built through their active participation.

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