Case Study: Employer Branding Cosmetics

“Behind every successful company are engaged employees.”


A popular skincare brand is associated with gentle feelings, security, and closeness. This is also how the employees that maintain this brand are perceived. But even though they get along well with each other, the work atmosphere was becoming stale: the employees needed a challenge to keep them at their best.


A good employer brand starts internally. Employees create a positive image for the outside world when they excel in their day-to-day work. Good cooperation and a healthy, inspiring sense of unity develops when members of a team have to overcome new or unusual challenges from time to time.

The solution: Regular team building events (e.g. game or sports-based events like navigating a high-ropes course, rafting, etc…) Projects were specifically selected that fully harmonized with defined brand values.


In this case, the goal wasn’t to do another mundane work task but to come together as a team to bring a positive outcome not only for their customers but for their entire community. Together with non-profit organizations, projects were selected to carry out renovation work of local KITAS and schools.

In line with its brand values, the company was able to make peoples’ everyday lives more pleasant, more beautiful, and more positive.

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