Case Study: Employer Branding Automotive

“Attract and retain desired candidates directly from University”


An innovative automotive manufacturer which produces in several countries is a market leader in its field and is generally on a strong development course. However, a shortage of well-trained specialists and career starters is impeding further expansion.

Although the company has built a well-known brand within the industry, brand penetration hasn’t exceeded niche standing. The manufacturer is still largely unknown, especially among young talents set to enter this field and among specialists in related industries.


Find the best people before they start looking. Best accomplished at Universities, this is not simply advertising or sponsoring on campus, but a sustainable long-term effort. The goal is to create a structure that will new lure applicants for the next 10-20 years, not because of an advertising claim but because it’s a natural progression.

Our Solution: Conviction through participation. We’ve offered leading universities professional cooperation: the company’s best engineers take part in relevant courses of study, even in some cases assuming professorial roles.


Participation is the order of the day: In cooperation with selected universities, highly decorated engineers from the company lead technical seminars, lectures, and workshops. 

This is supplemented by an extensive social media presence aimed at employees and potential applicants located in the area around company headquarters and/or university campuses, with the goal of strengthening the public perception of the company. Through targeted activities (including trade fair appearances, cooperation with partner companies, and other public events) the public profile of the company can be significantly increased. Talent acquisition and retention are now incorporated into the daily workings of the company. 

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