Brandstorming - Developing Company Potential

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The N3W Principle

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Your Calling

If you don’t know what makes your company special, how will your customers? People don’t buy what your company makes, they buy the “why” you make it. We’ll start by determining your company’s higher calling - and making money isn’t the right answer.

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Your Uniqueness

The world is full of too many boring, risk-averse brands. How can customers even tell them apart? First, we’ll determine what makes you, “you.” Then we’ll use these qualities to define a clear, unambiguous statement of who you are. We’ll build your brand around your uniqueness, grasping your customers’ attention and making it easy for them to pick you.

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Your Core Values

What does your company really believe in? What is your daily drive? Together we’ll determine your company ethos and use it to guide your brand, establish a corporate culture and motivate your customers. These will be your core values that separate you from the pack.

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Your Vision

What sort of future can you imagine? Where do you want your company to go? We’ll help you sketch our your vision, minimize its weaknesses and accentuate its strengths. The end result will be a clear representation of what future success looks like and a goal for you and your team to aspire to.

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Brand Personality

Successful brands speak a language their customers can understand. Through careful analysis we’ll define the intrinsic nature of your brand, establishing the right tone for all of your verbal communication. This is how you'll stand out from the crowd and reach the hearts of your customers.

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Your Enemy

Trying to please everyone is a recipe for failure. It’s no longer the safe move to maintain a neutral position. Modern consumers are drawn to brands that take sides. When you stand for (or against) something you’ll become a force to be reckoned with.

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Your Battle Cry

It’s not easy to take all of your qualities and turn them into a simple statement that will emotionally connect you with your customers. That’s what we’re here for. Together we’ll utilize our newly gained understanding of your organization to create the perfect, transparent, emotionally-charged tagline for your brand. We’ll turn your customers into fans!

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We don't buy what we want, we consume what we want to be.

John Hegarty

Who is Brandstorming for?

For teams and individuals starting a new business or looking to bring clarity and strength to an established brand.

Brandstormers are entrepreneurs that: are hungry for more, want to open up and conquer markets, dare to take risks and always work towards a goal, and constantly strive to make the daily lives of their customers better. Brands that know and love their purpose can do great things.

What are my benefits?

Do you spend sleepless nights asking yourself: "What are my competitors doing better and why didn’t I get the project?" Do you have an inner drive to achieve more? Then you’re in the right place.  Only those who know their goal can achieve it and only those who have a clearly defined target group can speak the language that group needs to hear.  With Brandstorming you get clarity about your company, your target group and your strategy to reach your customers.

How does Brandstorming work?

Brandstorming is not a product. There is no “three clicks to rich” scheme - sorry!

Instead we work together with you to develop your company, values, and goals in intensive, collaborative, and dynamic sessions tailored to your needs.  This includes extensive preparatory work, research, and decades of experience from different industries and countries.  Together we will create a brand that your customers will love, and your competitors will fear and admire.  Think that is not possible in your industry? We'll prove that it is.

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Be Different!

The old way of advertising is dead. Unemotional, boring, irrelevant… Trying to satisfy everyone leaves everyone unsatisfied.  It’s no longer enough to stay neutral. Modern consumers connect with brands that stand for something. So stand for something - and stand out from the crowd.

It’s time to stand in the Limelight.

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