Have you ever been in Love?

Butterflies in the stomach.  The feeling of Springtime.  The whole world shines so much brighter.  Heart palpitations, excitement, joy.  Everyone knows these feelings.  We call it Love.  Love is our engine.  Love is our energy source.  It’s in our work.

We create brands to love.  The recipe for a good brand is love. Only those who do their work with love and passion will make a difference.  And our customers love their work. They love their company. For them there is no better place to work. Of course life may give us challenges, but they can be mastered.  And something greater can emerge:  A shared path followed and the defined goals achieved.

How can we do it?

Simple, understandable and memorable messages are our premise. Our aim is to create and develop brands.  Market analysis is our strength.  Partnership and constructive cooperation is our basis.  N3W stands for understandable communication, clear design and creative strategies.

Let’s write a Love Story together. 

Ad agency blah-blah-blah

Was the text above too flowery for you?  Prefer to read about a creative agency?  Sentences like “we work in an agile and interdisciplinary manner” and “we have a large network full of capable professionals.” And of course a lot about social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  A social media agency that can also build a sales funnel.  An agency that represented big brands.  Preferably from the Dax or even the Fortune 500.  Employees who were responsible for market launches in different countries. Employees that have created market leaders. Well, we can say all that.  All of that would be true.  But love would still be missing. But that’s what makes the difference.  Our clients do not find customers with our help, but win fans and brand ambassadors. 

Is that what you’re looking for? Perfect. Then let’s get together.  Whether over a coffee or a cold beer, make an appointment with us and let’s start a great journey together.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Scott Cook

Of course. We can do that!

Icon Markenbildung


Red, Fast, Expensive - what does that make you think of? An Italian Sports Car? Just three words are enough to define an established brand. Is that the case at your company too? No? Then we should get together!

Icon Kampagnen


The new machine has finally been delivered. Now your company is so much more productive than your competitors. Unfortunately nobody knows. We can change that! Together we will ensure that everyone knows about your competitive advantage.

Icon Webseiten


Websites need to do more than display pretty text, posed images, and outdated information. They must adapt dynamically, be easy to maintain and be up-to-date. We're happy to prepare something :-)

Icon Printprodukte

Print Products

Printing prices are at rock bottom and the machines are getting better and better. Print is not dead. Print is awesome! We can design the perfect print products for you - so that your customers have something to marvel at. Motivated?

Icon Digitalisierung


*For our German Clients. Branding must also be digitized and here in Germany the State provides attractive subsidies. Together with our partners, we can use these for you in the best possible way. Just ask us…

Icon Auffallen

Stand Out

Everyone has competitors. And sure, you’re the best of all. Now everyone just needs to know. Have the courage to use color, have the courage to use structure, have the courage to stand out. With us by your side, you will be noticed!